Fauchon Paris. Its all about the lips.

Last time I was in Paris I was lucky enough to have the local Fauchon just around the corner. On New Years Eve I purchased some morsels that were exquisite. I did say no to the foie gras terrine at 700Euros!


Fauchon is much more than a name, this French label represents a certain art of living, the pleasure of giving, irreproachable service and an unmistakable two-tone brand in pink and black. From Grocery to Luxury; the idea was a good one: bring together all the finest products in the country, or even the world, bring out the best in them, offer attractive packaging and there you have it.

Have you had the pleasure to visit Fauchon? What did you buy? Please share your experience?




  1. Geoff Clow · July 22, 2011

    All this from Belco Mall. Rool Noice

  2. Savorique · July 23, 2011

    I buy mostly the tea blends from Fauchon. They are probably the best items. I’m also quite attracted by the decorated eclairs au chocolat. I preceive them more delicious because of the colorful print on the icing somehow…

    • cococantrelle · July 23, 2011

      I love tea. I will be sure to look at the blends on my next visit. Can you recommend a blend? I love the macarons. So delicate but divine!

  3. Savorique · July 23, 2011

    I’m a tea drinker too. No coffee please! 🙂
    The earl grey is a very popular one. The lemon ginger is great too, along with the Fauchon Blend Tea which is a white tea with orange, lemon and lavender.

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