Day 1. Sydney to Singapore. Saturday 17 Sept

Today marks the start of a fabulous adventure. The purpose of this adventure is to celebrate my 40th birthday in the city I love most in the world, Paris. I have to day that I didn’t get much sleep last night. Thinking about what awaits me is exciting. I embark on this journey with my husband Mark and 2 teenage children, Ryan and Caitlin. What an adventure for them!. The trip from our home in Canberra to Sydney seemed to take forever. We filled the time with obligatory car games, chat and laughter. Internet check-in is definitely the way to go and we were first cab off the rank. I was being overly polite to the check-in guy telling him about my birthday and how hard we had saved in an attempt to snag an upgrade. Whilst he was convivial, no joy. Singapore Airlines are well worthy of their 5 star rating. We secured seats on the top deck of the A380 with the business class passengers. It was a smooth 7 1/2 hour flight to Singapore. Quick 2 hour layover in Changi Singapore Airport. It was hard to gear up for the oncoming 14 hour leg of the trip, but Paris awaits. Flying through the night is good for the body clock but trying to get some sleep in optimum conditions proved more difficult. I do love getting up in the middle of the trip and watching everyone sleep. You can always spy a few dribblers and snorers. It appears that the travel u-shaped pillow is popular. One couple on our trip had matching ones including eye covers. Special.  A long flight. Many movies. Not much sleep. Australia is a long way from anywhere it would seem. Arrival at Charles de Gaulle airport 7.20a. It now begins.


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