Day 3. Paris. Monday 19 Sept

What a great sleep. No-one woke up in the middle of the night so it would seem that we are well on the way to denying the dreaded jet lag. Although we did get up earlier than the sun which rises at about 7am. Ryan, Mark and I went exploring whilst we were waiting for the boulangerie Beatrice to open. Went for a walk in the dark whilst Paris was still sleeping. So peaceful. I love this time of day. There is something beautiful about watching a city wake up. We bought our croissants and baguettes which were still warm. What a joy. Paris is a city for shopping. So it was time to hit the shops and check out the action. We walked along the streets, using our inadequate map and made our way to Galleries La Fayette. A stunning department store. My stomach was calling, or perhaps I just used that as an excuse, but it was time for a visit to Fauchon [see post: Fauchon: Lip Smacking]. Used the metro which in my opinion is one of the quickest and easiest transport systems in the world. We decided to revisit our last stomping ground and made our way to the Rue Cler in the 7e arrondissement. Its different to how I remember. Some things the same, some new. We were trying to pick up something simple for lunch which proved more difficult than we had imagined. Lots of French business men eating their steak frites with their wine over a long lunch. We found a cafe with the most amazing view of La Tour Eiffel so we sat in a row French style and ate our lunch. Mark and I had the quiche, Ryan the lasagne and Caitlin a hotdog. I think by that point we would have eaten anything as we were all so hungry. The kids wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower as they don’t really remember it from last time. Its like their first time to Paris even though they have visited twice before. The line for lift was long, so they decided to take the stairs. All 624 of them. They went up, Mark and I sat and people watched. They loved it. It was so special to see their smiling faces on their return. They took some great photos and relayed all the facts. Painted every 6 years, 60 tonnes of paint etc etc. A great day shopping and sightseeing and now time for dinner. We made our way to Ambassade d’Avergne. A traditional French restaurant specialising in food from the Avergne region. Caitlin and I ordered the Veal with vegetables and Mark and Ryan had the duck breast. They were all served with this special mashed potato that has cheese in it. They serve it in a copper pot and give it a big stir in front of you. They lift it up with a wooden spoon and it is reminiscent of mozzarella cheese on a pizza. The food was divine. The wine superb. A really loved French meal. Paris is such an amazing place. I am in love.


One comment

  1. Jenny · September 21, 2011

    Sounds wonderful. So glad to read everything has got off to a wonderful start. Love the Blog and keep the photos coming

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