Day 5 Paris. Wednesday 21 September

Waking up in Paris plays with your senses. Am I in a dream? Is this real? Just to check I walk to my terrace and watch the sun wake up Paris. The Eiffel Tower is still there. This is real. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Today my croquembouche is being delivered. I ordered this from La Notre Patissiere before I left Australia. La Notre is what could be known as a haute patissiere – high end. I believe that they term themselves as exclusive, but not so exclusive for this little girl from Australia. When I ordered it I had the choice of flavours for the filling, I chose naturelle, vanille and chocolate and the colour of the decoration – blanc. So excited to have something delivered to me, in my apartment, in Paris. Mark and the kids were heading out for an artistic feast at the louvre before doing some birthday shopping for tomorrow. I had the morning to myself. I pottered around the apartment, did some washing (once I worked out how to use it – washed them twice) and did some blogging. I met our neighbours, John and Jenny from Sydney. Sharing tips and secrets of Paris. When the doorbell rang I held my breath with excitement. There it was. My croquembouche traditionelle. Stunning. Delivery guy was wearing a suit – excusez moi! I stared it this artwork for some time. The attention to detail is truly amazing.

I am meeting the family at Metro Cite and we plan to visit Saint Chapelle. We fuel up for the cultural overload however it closes for lunch and we miscalculated the time. So we headed up to Boul Mich (Boulevard Saint Michel) and Boulevard Saint Germain for some shopping. There are some amazing shops in this district especially for the young teenager/20 something. Ryan got an great pair of Asics tigers 55EU. Brands like Deisel, Redskins, Asics, CK are all run of the mill here.  Mark got some shoes too!

After some serious shopping, we make our way back to Sainte Chapelle [see separate post]. A narrow and steep spiral staircase leads you to the upper chapel. It’s mesmerising. The sun was out shining on the leadlights for an almost spiritual experience.  Back to the apartment and Mark and I velib it down to Rue Montorgueil to shop for dinner. I am led again to Stohrer where we pick up some Jambon (ham) Saumon (smoked salmon) and salads. No need for dessert when you have a croquembouche at home. The food was exquisite. Time to check out the twinkles on the Eiffel Tower again. On the hour every hour I am privileged see this most beautiful of sights. Bliss.


One comment

  1. Cath · September 23, 2011

    we should’ve all been there 2 help u eat that croquet bush (as matt put it!! lol), have u finished eating it yet???

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