Day 7. Paris. 23 September

After a magic night last night a sleep in this morning was most welcome. We had a lazy morning sipping cups of tea and savouring our breakfast staples of baguettes and croissants. A goal of today was to have fun without the expense. We got our trusty velibs (bikes) and set out for the louvre. The velib’s have come in handy and are such a great way to get around Paris. Convenient and free. Brilliant. On the way to the louvre I t-boned a French guy on the bike. He just said (in heavy french accent Oh excusez-moi I deed not see you). No shit sherlock. Don’t quite know how I stayed on the bike or how he stayed on the bike but all ended well. Shaken not stirred. We rode around the louvre and decided to stop in for some emergency burgers at Maccas. Well the Maccas at the louvre is amazing (if that’s all possible with Maccas). McDonalds in France has some similarities and some slight differences. One is that you can buy beer. Another is that potato wedges are an alternate choice to fries, they are called potatoes deluxe. If you want a burger but are considering your daily fibre intake you can have a whole weat Big Mac. Or for something a little bit fancy you can order a Croc McDo which is a McDonalds version of Croque Monsieur. Sweet and sour sauce is called Chinese Sauce. Computerised screens enable you to order yourself and then pick it up at the counter. The toilets aren’t free and cost 50c. Ouch.

We rode around Il-de-cite and then onto St Germain again for another round of shopping. Metro home. Mark and I went and had a coffee at a local cafe. Yes we sat next to each other and we all sat in rows. Very dignified. I can really see why the French dig this. Its great!! Visited our local supermarche on the way back to the apartment [Monop]. Am still loving looking at all the amazing things you can buy and how cheap they are. Home cooked dinner, views out over the terrace. French wine, French bread, French life. I am still in love with Paris.


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