Day 8. Paris. Saturday 24 September

This morning the sun bathed Paris in warmth and light. It bathes my heart with love. My last day in Paris. What a wonderful week we have had. I know it won’t be my last and long already for the time when I will be back. Today we headed for the Jardin des Plantes. Its Paris’ equivalent of the botanical gardens. It also houses a zoo. It originally served as gardens for one of the Louis. The kids went into the zoo and Mark and I sat on the park bench and watched Parisian’s going for their morning jog. I am fine with jogging, yes its bad on your knees and I really have never got into it. But if I did, I am sure that I would dress appropriately and try to emulate some of the people who look fantastic when they jog. Today a few people caught my eye. Firstly there was Fat French Arse. A guy about 6″4′ with a very big, what I call a rugby arse, no undies and very tight around the front region. The other guy I called the ‘log jog’. He ran like he needed a poo, like he has a turtle’s head. Also I don’t think he was wearing undies and really there was lots of movement at the front. Not good. I just sat there in fits of laughter. We then headed to Rue Mouffetard in the 5th. This street used by a thoruoghfare in roman times. It was amazing. Ryan and I sampled the gelato which was out of this world! A light lunch was on order and then back to the apartment. Mark and I went for our last visit to Rue Montorgueil. We bought some incredible beef, vegies and an apple tart for dessert. This foodie heaven is must for any visitor to Paris. I made Paris butter to go with the beef and dinner was simply devine. Time for a walk to aid digestion. We walked to the Il de Cite and admired paris at night. It certainly lives up to its name as the city of lights. Notre Dame is exquisite. We watched some street performers who were very entertaining. Strolling the streets back to the apartment. We have had the most amazing week. Tomorrow we leave for Amsterdam. I will miss you Paris. J’taime Paris.


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