Day 10. Amsterdam. Monday 26 September

Sleeping is sometimes a bit trickier for me than I would like. Add unfamiliarity, new bed, noises in the middle of the night and its all over. No time for tiredness today. We make our way to the breakfast room. Hank, our host is charming and very friendly. He is able to offer advice and tips for the day. The breakfast was fantastic. A few new things on the breakfast menu. I love going to foreign breakfast rooms and exploring all the new foods. There was a gingerbread type of cake, chocolate sprinkles (like you would put on a cupcake) and Ryvitas with cucumber. A great start to the day.

We made our way to the Ann Frank Museum and it was easy to detect from a distance by the long queue snaking around the corner. The queue moved fast and the kids went inside for visit. Mark and I remember it from last time so we did a walk around the block whilst the kids were busy. It is a very important museum but also a very confronting one. I still can’t reconcile that they made it so close from being detected. Such tragic and unimaginable circumstances.

We moved on to the National Library and the Science/Maritime Museum. The National Library is an architectural gem. The design is captivating and quite frankly makes the library seductive and someone you want to be. Books are king here – not facebook! Mark and Ryan checked out the Nemo (Science/Maritime) and by all reports it too was amazing. The architecture resembles a ship jutting out of the water. Genius. We then make our way for an emergency waffle before some rest at the hotel.


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