Day 13. Berlin. Thursday 29 September

Didn’t have the best of sleeps last night. It might have been that first night in a new place thing, or it could have been that the bed was as hard as a rock, or that the Germans use 2 single doonas on a QS bed. Having your own doona does have its advantages, but no, I’m not a fan. Today we head out to tropical islands indoor water world. It is located about 1 hour out of Berlin and is in a big dome. The dome is eight football fields in size, taller than the statue of liberty and could lay the Eiffel Tower down on its side. It contains tropical rainforests from all parts of the world inside, including Kakadu. They are able to maintain the rainforest as it is heated to 28 degrees all year round. The water is also 28 degrees and in the lagoon 31 degrees. When you walk in its like you have walked in to a tropical island. Its warm, there lots of green foliage, tropical lagoons and swimming pools. Its amazing. The kids were excited at the waterslide section.Its reasonably priced. 29€ entry fee (bit cheaper than the $70 Movie World fee). You get a wrist band with a disk on it with a number. This entitles you to a locker where you leave all your stuff and just take your towel. When you want to buy stuff you just swipe your wrist band and at the end of the day you pay on your way out. This is so convenient, as long you keep an eye on how much you have spent. Mark and I went for a swim in the massive ‘sea’ pool. Beautifully warm. All pools are lined with stainless steel which makes for a nice, smooth clean feel. The kids, of course, headed straight for the water slides. Mark and I joined them and we all had a blast. It was fantastic fun. We had lunch at the buffet restaurant. The lagoon pool was amazing. It had waterfalls, jets, spas, whirlpools, rushing water jets – it had it all. So warm 31 degrees. My kind of temperature.  The kids were able to run around and have their own fun and they certainly made the most of it. We arrived at 10am and left about 5pm so we had a fun day. We read about this on the internet and I was surprised that in the tourist offices in Berlin it is not advertised. Not sure how many people outside Germany know about this but it’s the first time on the trip that we didn’t hear English spoken all day.  Amazing!


One comment

  1. cath & shane · September 30, 2011

    sounds like a gr8 day that u could all enjoy.
    loving ur posts – looking 4ward 2 more.xxxx

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