Day 15. Berlin. Sunday 2 October

Our last day in Berlin. What an amazing city. I have learned just as much about the city as I have myself in being here. I was hesitant in coming here; its out of the way, costly to get to and not on my top 5 list. But I am so pleased I got out of my comfort zone and took the risk. I have loved my time here.

Today we head out to check out the local antique markets at Ostbahnof. These markets a stall holder was telling me, only happen once a year over 2 days. There are 700 stalls to rummage through. Lots of porcelain, glass wear, old trinkets, war memorabilia. I confess I am not an aficionado when it comes to antiques, perhaps I should have watched Antiques Roadshow?? I did some research post markets on some porcelain markings of Kaiser. A family company from Bavaria. Apparently markings from 1950-1970 (Cold War) are highly sort after. Caitlin bought some old coins and notes, and Mark bought an old Absinthe bottle. Lots of people, hard to communicate. Cheap lunch and then back to chill out at the apartment. We decided to have a relaxed afternoon back in our ‘hood. We took the long way home and checked out some spots in our area. After a chilled out afternoon of checking out photos, blogging, etc Mark and I went for another walk. We came across 2 Italian artists spray painting on a wall. We got chatting to them. They were telling us that there are lots of ‘free’ places in Berlin that you can paint and some that its not ok. The female artist told us that she is in her green period and paints lots using that colour. Her designs can last for a week or just 3 days. Its ok to paint over other people’s design and there is no way of guaranteeing the longevity of your work. I asked about the difficulties faced when its -20 and the male artist said you have to wear gloves and that sometimes the spray cans freeze. You need to keep them warm with a portable stove with hot water. He said the nozzles can sometimes freeze up. It was amazing watching them work. For dinner we had the old bacon and egg sandwich. Reminded fondly of Australia. Berlin has left me thinking. About many things. More on this later. Off to Spain tomorrow. Talk about culture shock!

Local artists in our hood, Berlin


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