Day 16. Barcelona. Monday 3 October

Time to leave Berlin. There’s just something about it. Dripping with history, it makes you think. This is not ancient history, not hundreds of years ago. This city was divided only 30 years ago. In my lifetime. Even though the wall is removed, the division can be not only been seen, but felt. After only 5 days, we could tell whether we could immediately tell whether we were East or West. We stayed in the East. The vibrancy and diversity of our ‘hood’ was amazing. The differences in going to the West are immediate, better roads, housing, lighting, shopping and of course prices. I hope through the evolving art and cultural scene that Berlin can continue to strive towards harmony. An awesome experience.

As we walk along the dark, cobbled streets at 6am all you can hear is the click clack of our trolley suitcases navigating the uneven surface. We leave our home station of Ostkreuz and head for Tegel Berlin Airport. Next year Berlin will open the Berlin Brandenburg Airport and close both Tegel and Shoenfeld (both of which we visited this time). We fly Air Berlin to Barcelona. Stunning view out the window along the Spanish coastline. Wasn’t a fan of circling around waiting to land, but far be it for me to ask the uptight flight attendant what was happening.

Had a very friendly taxi driver. He laughed when I said we were from Australia and told us we were crazy. He then explained it was ‘so far away’. We spoke a mixture of French, Italian and he taught me some Spanish. Barcelona was warm, 27 degrees, sparking and welcoming. Love at first sight. Our apartment, Hispanos 7 Suiza Apartments are stunning. We are 1 block from Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. What an example of pure imagination. I am also in awe of the artisans who can bring this dream to life. We have lunch at a cafe opposite and just admire the many facets of the design. We settled in and then took the Metro system to Las Ramblas. Firstly, Metro system gets 5 stars, easy to use, clean and cheap. Bravo! We take in Las Ramblas and start at the top. A pedestrianised street that stretches for over 1.5kms. We explore the famous food markets [see separate post]. Freshly squeezed juices here at 1Euro so Mark and I have the Banana and Coconut. Mmmm. A big afternoon of shopping and back to our apartment. We have dinner at the restaurant attached to our apartments. Very swish with beautiful food. Spain is so each, so warm, so amazing. So happy we have finally included it on our adventure.




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