Day 18. Barcelona. Wednesday 5 October.

Barcelona is called many things. Barca for short, BCN or in full, Barcelona. The Catalonian pronunciation is Barthelona. The ce is pronounced more as a th sound. I have noticed this too with Gracias. Most of the time I will hear the locals pronounce it with a ‘th’ as Grathias. Catalonian language closer to French. This explains why, when trying to communicate with the taxi driver on the way in from the Airport, he asked me if I spoke French.

This morning Caitlin and I planned some girl time and Mark and Ryan had some boy time. Cait and I went for a 90 minutes foot spa and massage at the divine Bangkok Health Spa near our apartment. It was a stunning day spa. The treatment started off with our feet being washed in hot water with flower petals. We have walked too much on this trip and it was so nice to treat my feet to some down time. It was our first time to the day spa together too, which was special. We then headed for some tapas. We found a great spot and nearly ordered one of everything. Not really, it just felt like that. All the tapas we displayed at the bar (see photo). Sometimes matching the menu to what you see is trickier than you think. Or, matching the menu to what you see in your mind can prove surprising. I have ordered meals only to find when it is delivered to my table that it’s not quite what I thought. However, sometimes these have been some of the nicest things that I have eaten. Sometimes not. But this is apart of trying food in different cultures; it’s all apart of the experience. We tried a plate of what is called Pinchos. These are delights served on bread with a big toothpick in them. You don’t get to choose them, you order a half plate and the chef chooses and sends them out. My favourite was: toasted bread at the bottom, roasted capsicum (pimento) white fish and  sweet, thick, white mornay sauce topping. I have to confess that this morsel did come topped with a deep fried green jalapeno chilli that I removed. It was so much fun trying all the new things. We were so full afterwards. But very satisfied.

Mark and Ryan went to the beach (again). Ryan is determined to get a tan. I believe that there was a swim in the ocean, beer drinking on the sand and a visit to the Frank Gehry sculpture further up the beach. We are getting into the siesta true to Spanish style. In the afternoons we take advantage of the air-conditioning and lounge around the apartment. This gives everyone a chance to internet, download photos, watch TV or have a little ‘shut-eye’. Mark, Cait and I head in to have a look at La Pedrera. This is another Gaudi icon. Cait and Mark went to check it out whilst I admired from below. It was a purposeful decision to visit late in the afternoon, at about 5.30pm (it opens until 8pm) as there is no one in the queue then and it is magic hour for the light with photos. Mark took some amazing photos.

- Photo Mark Cantrill

We head out for a walk and have dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Our neighbourhood, which happens to surround Sagrada Familia, is beautiful. After the queues disappear for the SF it is filled with locals out in the streets for their nightly get together. We soak up the atmosphere for our last night.


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  1. Hotel in Barcelona · December 1, 2011

    The key with tapas is… to be yourself.

    Let´s say there is no rules with tapas. Just a piece of bread and then whatever you like. You can add almost everything over the bread. Meats like ham, turkey or pork, fishes like squids or hake, vegetables like mushrooms, kidneys, spinachs… even cheeses or chorizo.

    As you can say, tapas are a good way to use whatever you have on your fridge.

    Also I would recommend you some red wine in order to enjoy tapas. In my opinion it´s better than beer or sangria.


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