Day 21. Madrid. Saturday 8 October.

This morning Mark and I enjoy a breakfast for two as our darling teenagers have a sleep in. The coffee at our breakfast haunt is absolutely amazing. I don’t normally drink coffee, but if someone can make me a good one I’ll take it. I’d like to take this home with me! On the way back from breakfast we notice that Irish pub across the road from our Hotel is screening Rugby World Cup matches. England was playing France in the second match of the day. I grabbed Ryan and we went over to watch it. There we were, two Aussies in an Irish Pub, cheering with the French, willing them to beat England. It was standing room only and it was 9.30am! Allez-Allez-Allez was the call from the French and we chimed in when France scored. Great win Le Bleu’s.

We checked out Grand Via a big shopping street and some markets at Plaza de Espana. Then we took the Metro to Caixa de Forum to check out the vertical garden of Patrick Blanc. These are amazing installations. Brilliant use of space.

On the way to the Forum we had to put up with some pretty inappropriate Gypsy behaviour. Gypsies try and con money out of anyone, and they are very persistent. These ones were particularly aggressive and ones that we were really glad to see the back of. We spent the afternoon meandering in and out of the tiny streets in the old part of the city. We check out Plaza Mayor. We had so many laughs over an overweight guy dressed up as spiderman. We named him ‘fat spider’. But he had a great sense of humour and really made us laugh. Just a guy using his talents and making people smile. Ole!

Madrid has really impressed me with its charm and beauty, and its mystery. It has surprised me on many levels, its very impressive.



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