How not to behave on an airplane. A passengers bill of rights.

On a recent trip to Europe I completed 4 long haul flights and 4 internal flights. For the most part the passengers I encountered went about their business in a respectful and considerate way. For some however, social awareness does simply not exist. The folks from Lonely Planet got 5800 responses to what constitutes acceptable and non-acceptable inflight behaviour. Read more here



Grilled chicken and Herpes. Lost in translation. Check out these picks.

Ever seen a sign overseas that made you look twice? Lonely Planet’s Lost in Translation photo contest, where travellers submitted pictures of funny and confusing translations, closed recently.  With over 1200 entries, nearly all of which were some form of funny, paring them down to our favourites was not an easy task.

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Its a dog’s life!

Dog owners in the UK can now bring their four-legged best friends along on vacation. Recently launched Chien Bleu is devoted to helping owners find luxury accommodations that will host both humans and dogs. The company’s undercover inspectors and their pooches – called Paw Patrol – personally road test every hotel in its portfolio. Hotels that pass Chien’s strict set of criteria, like quality of service, will receive the “Paw of Approval”.