Green cities. Chicago Illinois. A city with green cred.

Solar-panel skyscrapers, rooftop gardens, towering wind turbines—the green future is here, and it’s all about going vertical. In progressive cities around the world, sci-fi visions of a future populated by shiny high-rise buildings where plants grow far above the soil turn out to be not so far-fetched. So say good-bye to your car, jump on a speedy tram or bike, and get ready to see green cities in a whole new way.

Chicago is renewing itself with a greener skyline and new building standards. The city’s eco-cred has soared with the launch of its Green Roofs campaign, a push to cultivate gardens atop public and private high-rises. Ralph Martin at highlights the green attributes of this city. Click here to read more.



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  2. Rooftop Gardener · June 1, 2013

    I agree and think many other metropolitan cities should take Chicago’s lead and lean towards a more eco-friendly building standard. I think the amount of rooftop gardens popping up in the city is quite amazing.

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