Walking is Stupid. Fat Tire Bike Tours Berlin.

On my last visit to Berlin, which also happened to be my first visit, I looked at a fun way to orient myself to this amazing city. I took an All in one tour of Berlin with Fat Tire Bike Tours. The tour visits all the hotspots: Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Hitler’s bunker, Brandenburg Gate, Watchtower and Museum Island. You don’t have to be a regular biker, it cater’s for fitness levels and abilities. Our tour guide Sam, a New Zealander, was fun and informative and bought the history of Berlin to life with interesting anecdotes. My teenage children loved it because it was active and made the learning fun. My husband who got the coveted title of ‘arse man’, bought the t-shirt with Fat Tire’s mission statement: walking is stupid. The title of ‘arse man’ is the guy that volunteers to be at the back ensuring everyone else is in front and stays in the group. In the middle of the tour you stop at a beer garden in Tiergarten. Time for a few sausages and a beer. This tour is amazing. So much fun, so much history. Give it a try!

Sam our tour guide. Photo by The Travel Crew.

Checkpoint Charlie. Photo by The Travel Crew.

Cycling in Tiergarten. Photo by The Travel Crew

German Bundestag. Photo by The Travel Crew.


One comment

  1. Ny City Tours · June 1, 2012

    Really Berlin is an amazing city. One can identify it from your Image sharing in this post.

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