Bread in Paris: From the Ubiquitous Baguette to the Pain de Campagne, and all of the Batards In-Between

A baguette in Paris. More than bread – an experience!

Annalee in Italy

Let’s talk about bread, bebe.


At any time of day, one can step onto the streets of Paris and spot at least three Parisians sporting a variety (or two) of fresh bread. A six-foot tall model in skin tight black leather pants and a shocking red lipstick wedges a traditional loaf under her arm on her way to a go-see. A homme with an effortless three-day-old beard and a blue blazer casually grips his pain aux lardon and nothing else. An elderly woman pushes her grocery cart with three couronne on the top shelf. No French meal is complete without a loaf, and no one says ‘non merci’ to a healthy helping. From fancy Fauchon to my neighborhood boulangerie, here are a few snapshots of Paris’ preferred nosh.





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