Mind the Gap! 150th birthday for the London Underground.

Yesterday the London Underground celebrated its 150th birthday. Google created a doodle that celebrated the opening of the underground in 1863. The first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway and although the seven original stations between Bishop’s Road and Farringdon Street are all still in use, only Edgware Road and Baker Street retain their Victorian-era names. Another 263 stations have been added over the years since 1863.

Mosaics by Eduardo Paolozzi created in 1984.

Mosaics by Eduardo Paolozzi created in 1984.


These mosaics are featured at Tottenham Court Road station. They were beautifully created by Eduardo Paolozzi in 1984. Do you have a favourite station?



  1. linyangchen · January 13, 2013

    My answer, fortunately or unfortunately, is no. The Tube is so kaleidoscopic that I have all but given up! I do have a few joint favourites but it’s impossible to rank them.

  2. BritParcel · March 4, 2013

    Really interesting facts about the underground!

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