Window or Aisle seat? 

When selecting seats on your flight it’s worth considering the pros and cons about the aisle or window seat. We won’t talk about the middle seat – that is drawing the short straw. The window seat gives you the best view in the house. The aisle; quick exit and toilet access. It comes down to preference. I like the window on routes that are relatively short (under 5 hours) and/or routes that I haven’t travelled before. These pics were taken in Winter 2015 out of JFK, NY.  




  1. Moritz · April 21, 2015

    Very good question. I also always have problems deciding for one or another side. In the end, I mostly go for the aisle seat as I like the comfort of getting up without disturbing anyone else 🙂

    • cococantrelle · April 21, 2015

      Hi Moritz. I like the aisle seat, unless of course I am sitting with family/friends. The aisle seat is good, unless you sit next to someone that needs to go to the toilet alot! Thanks for the comment. I will check out your blog too.

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