Hotel Preview: Conrad London St. James


Conrad London St. James is the name of one of the newest hotspots in London. The luxury hotel has a long standing history as the building that is located just steps away from Buckingham Palace and the House of Parliaments was built in the early 20th century. After an extensive renovation, the Conrad London St. James today is one of the most impressive hotels in the city.

London has many luxurious hotels, but there is always need for a new and utterly stunning hotel like the Conrad London St. James. The luxury brand of the Hilton Hotels is new to London which does not make the hotel any weaker.

Conrad London St. James Exterior Exterior (Image Source: Conrad London St. James /

Located in the center of power in Great Britain, the building of the Conrad London St. James was an important location for…

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Traveling in Romania: some myths, some tips, and something about gypsies

Picnic at the Cathedral

Before I went to Romania several people warned me it might be dangerous, that I should look out. Oh man were they right–why just the other morning a calf escaped and took off down the dirt road with his new wobbly legs splayed all about with dad and granny chasing after him. I mean, who know what might have happened to us.



While I acknowledge that a couple of weeks in Romania does not make me an expert on it’s culture, I strongly believe in having my own first hand experiences and I want to share with you what I learned.

First some myths:

Romania is dangerous.  Close encounters with runaway calves aside, Romania is not dangerous to tourists.  Sure, the area around the train station in Bucharest is a bit dodgy, but no worse than in any other European city.  And just like in the rest of Europe…

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