How not to behave on an airplane. A passengers bill of rights.

On a recent trip to Europe I completed 4 long haul flights and 4 internal flights. For the most part the passengers I encountered went about their business in a respectful and considerate way. For some however, social awareness does simply not exist. The folks from Lonely Planet got 5800 responses to what constitutes acceptable and non-acceptable inflight behaviour. Read more here



World’s Best Airports 2011

An interesting architecture in Incheon Interna...

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Skytrax has released the winners of the Best Airport 2011. Could 11.38 million passengers be wrong? Do you agree with the top 10?

  1. Hong Kong International Airport
  2. Changi Airport Singapore
  3. Incheon International Airport
  4. Munich Airport
  5. Beijing Capital Airport
  6. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  7. Zurich Airport
  8. Auckland International Airport
  9. Kuala Lumpur Airport
  10. Copenhagen Airport

In a nine month customer survey with more than 11.38 million participants, Hong Kong International Airport has been named the Worlds Best Airport by air travellers across the globe. A perennial favourite of air travellers worldwide, and the 2010 top airport, Changi Airport Singapore was a very close runner up ranking 2nd in 2011. Incheon International Airport, the overall award winner in 2009 was similarly in very close contention, securing 3rd place. Munich Airport ranked 4th in the world and the repeat winner of the Best Airport Europe title. Beijing Capital Airport continued its improvement in the global ratings, moving up to 5th from 8th in 2010, also named Best Airport China. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was 6th worldwide, and named Best Airport in Western Europe. Zurich Airport achieved 7th place, Auckland International Airport a repeat winner as Best Airport Australia/Pacific and ranked 8th worldwide. Kuala Lumpur maintained a place in the worlds top-10 airports with 9th place, and winning Best Immigration Service category. Copenhagen Airport enters the Top 10 world ranking in 10th, up from 15th position in 2010.

What do you think is missing from this list?

That’s my luggage, thanks!

Travel luggage. Are you the hard case shell type of traveller? Or are you the bright ‘I want my luggage to stand out’ type? Or, is that hardest decision you make what ribbon you tie around your handles so you remember which black case is yours on the turntable? Imagine collecting your couture luggage from the carousel?

What does your luggage say about you? Get rid of your baggage and leave me a comment.