Georges Pompidou Centre Paris: art inside and out.

Photo by Caitlin Cantrill 2011

The Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris houses the biggest collection of modern art in Europe. In a unique location under one roof, the Centre Pompidou houses one of the most important museums in the world, a vast public reference library with facilities for over 2,000 readers, general documentation on 20th century art, a cinema and performance halls, a music research institute, educational activity areas, bookshops, a restaurant and a café. The building itself is also a work of art. This is a must visit museum when visiting Paris. Check out the museum’s website at Languages French, English and Spanish.

Photo by Caitlin Cantrill 2011



Néon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? at la maison rouge

French physicist and chemist Georges Claude developed the first neon tube in 1912, exactly one century ago. He unveiled his invention publicly at the Paris World Fair. A few years later, Claude filed a patent in the United States and, in 1923, sold his first two neon signs—reading ‘Packard’—to a car dealership. The rest is history…

The exhibition is on at La Maison Rouse until 20 May 2012. Looks amazing.

10 bd de la bastille
75012 Paris, France
Wednesday–Sunday, 11am–7pm
Late night Thursday until 9pm

A flight of fantasy. Marc Chagall and Nice.

If you are not a Marc Chagall lover, you might have heard his artwork mentioned in the movie Notting Hill. For me, it is a beautiful flight of fantasy. Some of his most beautiful works are in Nice. This small and intimate museum showcases a selection of beautiful canvasses and 15 stunning stained glass windows. Last time I visited Nice I lingered in this museum which is an amazing experience of colour and light. To visit the museum click here

Monet’s Garden. More than a painting.

Monet’s garden at Giverny is an amazing experience. I visited here in late Autumn before it closed for the Winter period. Not only was it visually stunning but the smell of the garden was intoxicating. There is a bit of line up to stand on the iconic green bridge (as featured above in both image and painting) and have your photo taken. Well worth the wait though. It is just like stepping into his painting. The gift shop that you are obliged to visit to exit the garden is nice, different, unusual. The lilipads have left no stone unturned. Umbrellas, pens, aprons, socks, plates, mugs and yes, underpants! Monet’s garden is located at Giverny and is open from 1st April to 1st November annually. Visit their website here