Dining: Fast Food Chains From Around the World

Do you have a secret fast food fetish? Check out these options from around the globe.

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World Fast Food -- HeaderThe fast food concept definitely originated in the United States, but became so loved by visitors to the U.S., that the custom has spread globally — with many interesting fast food restaurant chains popping up in all different countries around the world. We have compiled a list of our favorites, and some that are just too unique to not share with all of our fellow travelers. Enjoy!

Max Hamburgers Swedish Fast Food

Max — Sweden

As you are about to learn from this article, many countries believe the classic fast food hamburger chains are defining as “fast food,” and have their own hamburger chains that look an awful lot like their American Counterparts. The biggest difference is the quality of the food. Max is a very good example of this; while it looks just like the items we get in our fast food restaurants, quality products make a difference you can taste from the first…

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Train Review: Railjet (First Class)

Looks like RailJet (First Class) is a great option for travel through Europe.


Taking a train to get from A to B can be a really good alternative to flying. When we travelled from Munich to Vienna, we decided to not hop onto a plane, but took the train instead. I already took the pretty new Austrian high speed train Railjet a few years ago and I loved it. Due to that, we decided against the ICE and to give the Railjet another try. It was definitely the right decision!

There are many reasons why taking a train can be more enjoyable than flying. The most important one for me, personally, is the fact that I can work way better in a train as I don’t have to clear security, board and de-board and so on.

A little welcome present in the Railjet A little welcome present in the Railjet

Due to that, we decided to take the Railjet from Munich to Vienna which took a little more than four hours.

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